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Botanical Lay Flat

Advertisement Photography

Graduation Cover Design

Woman and Nature

Andy Warhol Art

Private self vs Public Self

Emotion Series

Oil Landscape Photo

Wassily Kandinsky

This is my imitation of Kandinsky’s work. I appreciate Mrs. Cauchon for sharing this artist. After viewing Kandinsky’s work I realize that his pieces have a very abstract feel to them. I personally loved his circle art. The colors that he chose stood out and contrasted perfectly against each other. Here is a piece of his circle art that I attempted to recreate:

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Levitation Edit

Social Issue Poster

The reason why I chose to make this social issue poster was to educate people of the cases and death rate of Covid, and how much could have been avoided if masks were used more often. The reason why I am for mask wearing is because it is just a curtesy of others, and protecting yourself. It still baffles me that people refuse to wear a mask in a full blown pandemic. Other’s who argue against this issue claim, “it’s their body” “their choice”, this argument is sickening because they are not seeing the true issue. I do not see their viewpoint seeing as it is just a piece of cloth over their noses and mouth that could eventually save thousands of lives. I chose this stance because I believe too many lives were lost due to covid and it is depressing what the different outcome could have been if people were more prone to wearing masks. My artwork is not meant to offend people, it is more intended to educate people. I do believe my social issue gets straight to the point and educated the viewers.

Shadow Series

Tin Type Photography

Tintype photography was a very popular photography style back in the 1860’s. The look is very vintage and rustic. The steps I took for this photo was I applied a rustic filter. I then began editing the brightness and contrast to give the photo a deeper look. Lastly I added a border around my photo to bring the look together.

Toy Photography

David Hockney Style Self Portrait Joiners

Travel Poster

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